Friday, October 1, 2010

Hayride Goes Haywire, Injured Students To Be OK

Hayride Goes Haywire, Injured Students To Be OK

By Elizabeth Braun, Lauren Leamanczyk, Heather Shannon, Jay Sorgi, and Vince Vitrano

FREDONIA - The principal of Ozaukee High School says that three of the five students that went to a hospital after an accident during a homecoming celebration will probably attend school Thursday.

"They're all fine," said Principal Kevin Parker on 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News" on Thursday morning.

Parents say every year just before the powder puff football game, juniors ride in a hay wagon or trailer while seniors throw water balloons, ketchup, powdered sugar and other things at them.

Witnesses say this year the girls in the wagon all moved to one side to avoid getting hit, and the trailer tipped over because of the weight and trapped them underneath.

Megan Janke was in the wagon when it happened.

"Everyone leaned to one side and it was like slow motion and it went down and it landed on some people," says Janke to TODAY'S TMJ4's Heather Shannon.

"Everyone was screaming and trying to get out, and started lifting it back up and everyone was still in the wagon, so people were just jumping all over the place."

Screams could be heard as the wagon tipped over, then sires replaced screams as ambulances races to the accident location.

"The wagon was on top of (one girl's) leg," said Brook Scheller, who was riding on the wagon.

The injuries were limited to banged-up legs, ankles and hips - nothing that was life-threatening.

One of the injured girls was Aman Gill. Her father tells TODAY'S TMJ Reporter Lauren Leamanczyk that the girls had spent all week preparing for the event. "The girls had so much fun," he said.

Gill says his daughter was crying and in pain at the hospital. She suffered a bruised hip and strained her neck. Aman returned to school Thursday.

Despite his daughter's injuries, Gill says he doesn't want the tradition to end.

Parker said that the event which led to the accident will be reviewed as to whether it will happen in future years.

Parker also explained that the homecoming events for the weekend will continue.

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